GB7MD is not Wires-X connected.

Repeater 439.400 MHz TX     430.400 MHz RX     -9.000 MHz shift  with NO Tones. Fusion Only.

Located Milton Abbas.


Dorset RAYNET has successfully relocated GB7CM to the hilltop site near Milton Abbas. The Keeper/NoV holder is  MATT PHILLIPS [M0MRP]

Band: 2M(RV56)   Output frequency: 145.7000 MHz  RX Frequency: 145.1000 MHz

This repeater is licensed for ANALOGUE VOICE repeat mode and uses CTCSS tone of 71.9 Hz
This repeater is licensed for the proprietary Yaesu FUSION DV Mode.

GB7CM utilises a Yaesu DR-2X connected to the Yaesu HRI-200 box for Wires-X capability. Further information on the Yaesu System Fusion cand be found here

Currently utilising lower antenna due local QRM.