Welcome to Dorset Raynet’s homepage.

Dorset RAYNET is an Emergency Communications service provided for the community voluntarily by Radio Amateurs. It is intended as a back-up facility in an emergency and is not designed to assume the mantle of responsibility from the statutory Emergency Services. Radio Amateurs are permitted within their licence to operate in an emergency or properly constituted exercise for the following organisations (“User Services”): Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, St John Ambulance, Coastguard, RVS, Salvation Army, Emergency Planning Officers, Health Authority, Government Department or Public Utility. We also offer our radio skills to assist Charities, Scouts and local events in maintaining safety cover.

We are part of  RAYNET – UK which is a national organisation and has full coverage over the UK on a Regional, County and Local District basis. As such, we are part of RAYNET- South West (Zone 7).